Data Engineering

Building your modern data estate.

What are your needs?

Looking to bridge the gaps and make data readily available for integration, reporting and analysis? Connect the dots across data silos for generating actionable insights Deploy scalable data pipelines for structured and unstructured data to drive the machine learning models in the cloud

Cognine works with you to build components that help you prepare the data, transform and make it readily available for data consumers We embed data quality mechanisms and ensure the data is relevant and reliable

We help you make data more accessible, applicable and operatable at their fingertips

Solve all your data needs with us

Master Data Management

Cognine’s master data management services help you to build a central information hub rather than the conventional point-to-point integration of several applications. We help you create a "single version of the truth" from the disparate and inconsistent master data that has been collected from all your internal data assets, enabling a clear and consistent understanding of the data throughout the enterprise.

Data Quality

Cognine brings in the practices, frameworks, and experience to ensure high-quality, trusted data. Our test accelerators streamline the test automation process, enable code completion, multidimensional data quality tracking, and easily integrates with CI/CD pipelines. We create custom dashboards for monitoring data quality KPIs.

Data Modernization

Data modernization these days is synonymous with cloud migration. Our data modernization framework combines the best practices and the cutting-edge technologies to help you modernize your legacy tooling and infrastructure. From data ingestion, to storage, data pipeline management, data transformation and data operations we bring the experience needed to lay a trusted foundation that powers hybrid IT and multi-cloud infrastructures.


Cognine helps you with implementing technological capabilities to automate the design, deployment and administration of data delivery with appropriate levels of governance. We use metadata to improve the value and usability of the data in a dynamic environment.

Who is this for?

  • Enterprises looking to modernize their data landscape
  • Data teams that want streamline their meta data management
  • Enterprises looking to implement data quality mechanisms into their data pipelines
  • Enterprises with legacy information architectures that requires high efforts to maintain and run their existing landscape
  • Enterprises who want to leverage the cloud and polyglot persistence to accelerate their digital transformation.
  • Enterprises looking to implement automatic pipelines and DataOps

Why Cognine?

Let’s build something great together.

Cognine data engineering offerings helps improve outcomes, utilize data for modern apps, AI, automate endtoend data management.


Our experiences range from engineering green field data solutions to modernizing legacy information architectures. Our deep technological and methodological data practices.

Cutting Edge

We are obsessed with being experts in the cutting tools and technologies and bring rich expertise in building complex solutions using opensource and commercial platforms.

Value Realization

We work with you to create a value realization framework at the outset, record, and continuously monitor it against the expected outcomes while keep the expenditure under control.


Our teams are capable of delivering on the tightest timelines, while remaining flexible to keep up with evolving requirements.


We consider security as the most important aspects in our design as it is almost impossible to bolt on later. We help you with securing the highly sensitive data with fine grain control over data access and governance.

Our work