Data Visualization

Modern BI excellence for enterprises.

What are your needs?

Empower enterprise users with an endtoend, selfservice experience across the entire analytics life cycle Bring confidence to enterprise decisionmaking by giving users complete fidelity to drill in any direction Give business users the tools they need to create their own semantic layer

Cognine works with you to build an analytics framework, design and develop businessfocused visualizations and dashboards by working side by side with customers Our team is continually learning, developing, and implementing best practices for data presentation in a way that is accessible and intelligible. This includes dashboards, reports, data marts, embedded and selfservice analytics

We help you make data more accessible, applicable and operatable at their fingertips

Solve all your data needs with us

Data Discovery

Our data discovery approach helps enterprises clean their data, make it user friendly and understandable. We help you discover actionable insights that are hidden in the data. We bring in sophisticated algorithms that identify potential relationships within the data such as correlations.

Dashboards & Reporting

Our team works with you to implement dashboards and reports with customized metrics, data and KPI's that are intended just for you. Whether it is cloud data, or big data or an ERP system, we help you with appropriate tool selection and dashboards creation.

Data Visualization

Cognine brings in the best practices for implementing visualizations and ensures your target audience arrives at the intended insights. From helping you understand your audience, to choosing an effective visual, keeping it simple and selecting an appropriate visualization tool (licensed or opensource), we help you create intuitive and highly visual data.

Analytics Platform Modernization

Struck with your legacy reporting engine? We work with you to migrate the reporting platform to modern reporting tools that provide significant advantages. Modern tools offer greater flexibility, and ease of use and enable business users to leverage the self-service capabilities to build attractive, compelling, and interactive visualizations.

Who is this for?

  • Enterprises looks to enable business users with selfservice BI
  • Executives looking to have a full visibility of their data
  • Enterprises looking to integrate their reporting platform with ERP/CRM systems
  • Data teams that need a review of their existing analytics platform
  • Enterprises with legacy reporting systems looks to migrate to modern BI tools with selfservice capabilities
  • Enterprises that want to unlock the value of the data but doesn’t have right skillset and capabilities inhouse

Why Cognine?

Let’s build something great together.

Cognine data engineering offerings helps improve outcomes, utilize data for modern apps, AI, automate endtoend data management.


We have enabled strategic BI models for enterprises and Independent Software Vendors across various industries.

Cutting Edge

We have a rich cross-skilled data and analytics team that brings in the reporting science to help you build one that works for you.

Value Realization

We enable clients with actionable insights that result in positive business impacts and early value realization.


Our teams are capable of delivering on the tightest timelines, while remaining flexible to keep up with evolving requirements.


We consider security as the most important aspect in our design, securing the highly sensitive data with fine grain control over data access and governance.

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