Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Demystify AI, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Machine Learning.

What are your needs?

Effective implementation of AI can help companies derive high ROI from everincreasing lakes of data

At Cognine, we work with enterprises to help, adapt and increase their AI maturity and solve key business challenges. We create value by bringing in methodical and a comprehensive approach for implementation and scaling AI

We bring in the experience, the tools, and the talent needed to help you build the right solution for your business

Solve all your ML and AI needs with us

Maturity Assessment & ROI Development

Cognine works with you assess your ML and AI Maturity and build ROI models to help you understand where you are in terms of ML and AI maturity and realize full benefits out of your ML and AI investments.

Solution Development

Once you are convinced with the POC results, we proceed to full-fledged AI/ML solution development. We leverage our tested methodology to identify business problems, understanding data acquisition mechanisms, modelling and evaluation. We fine tune the hypothesis through workshops before engaging in any full development activities. We then proceed to development and deployment of successful models following continuous delivery methods.

Tool Selection

We help you start the AI/ML journey by identifying business objectives, building the use cases, data preparation, modelling, and finally model evaluation activities. Our team then implements a model that fits the purpose and develop a POC to show your real results and how these can support your business functions.

Who is this for?

  • Enterprises undertaking AI/ML initiatives
  • Organizations looking to increase productivity of their employees
  • Enterprises looking to extract value out their data lakes
  • Enterprises looking to automate large number of repetitive and predictive tasks can be automated increasing the speed and accuracy of performing tasksEnterprises that want to embrace AI/ML but doesn’t have right skillset and capabilities in-house

Why Cognine?

Let’s build something great together.

A fullservice software team ready to contribute at every stage of the software development life cycle.


Cognine brings in-depth AI/ML advisory and implementation capabilities and combines it with our deep domain knowledge and experience of successful AI/ML rollouts across various industries.


We partner with the industry leaders to bring deeper level of consulting and implementation expertise to the table.

Proof of Concept

We help you realize the benefits, evaluate the AI/ML implementation with a proof of concept so that you are aware of what you are getting into.


From technology assessment to production trial and AI application deployment, we help you derive real results in 3–6-month timeframe.