Quality Assurance

Learn how our Quality Assurance can make a difference for your software.

What are your needs?

Ensure that your applications perform well on target devices Audit your application compatibility with operating systems and hardware, its stability under normal and extreme conditions Source the right data and ensure data integrity Comply with industryspecific security standards

Cognine works with you to accelerate product releases, cover all aspects of quality effortlessly through quality engineering. We will work with you to embed a quality assurance approach that accelerates the application’s time to production.

We will develop a testing strategy that is tailored for you or improve on your established QA processes that are inefficient.

Our offerings include

Functional testing

We will evaluate the entire functional scope of your software in comparison to the requirements and predicted performance metrics. Functional tests will validate the system's overall performance, the outcomes it produces, and the areas need to be improved.

Usability testing

Our team will evaluate your software's usability and intuitiveness from the target audience perspective. To uncover UX/UI defects and faults, assess the solution's acceptability for usage, our team will create a variety of real-life interaction scenarios and methodically reproduce them.

Automated Testing

Test automation plays an important role in CI/CD and drive your digital transformation efforts. Our team will identify scenario's that can be automated using our proven accelerator framework, and implement test automation into your continuous development approach. Our test automation range includes Unit testing, integration testing, smoke testing, sanity testing, cross platform testing, localization testing and regression testing.

Performance testing

Cognine will assess the application's stability and responsiveness under normal and extreme workloads. We will evaluate your system's compliance with performance objectives and identify scaling limits by subjecting it to a unique series of tests on stress resilience and load endurance.

Compatibility testing

Cognine will evaluate how well your application/product fits into its intended environment and determine whether it can operate platform-agnostically in a variety of situations. Our team will look at how the system works with various kinds of hardware and software, networks and operating systems, devices and browsers, and report any compatibility issues we find.

Who is this for?

  • Application teams that want an independent review of the applications they have developed
  • Enterprises with a software development team without a wellestablished testing procedure
  • Having trouble balancing quality and delivery timelines
  • Enterprises looking to embed continuous testing as a part of their DevOps approach
  • Organizations trying to implement accelerator enabled, reusable test artifacts strategy

Why Cognine?

Let’s build something great together.

Quality engineering solutions that elevate levels of quality through our SDLC.

Managed Testing

We manage the entire lifecycle of testing for you and build a tailored approach that perfectly fits your applications, systems and processes.

Accelerator Driven

Fast track your test automation with our proven suite of accelerators, ready to deploy or customize to your unique needs.


Consistent superior quality output guided by lean principles, adherence to industry best practices in Agile, DevOps with our culture of collaboration


We cover the entire range of applications (Web, Desktop, Mobile, Cloud), integrations (API/EDI), data quality and usability testing.